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Efi's Gyro

Welcome to an authentic taste of the streets of Athens. Opa!

Dining Fun


From the souvla to the pita, our gyros (pronounced "yee-ros") are comprised of authentic Greek pork or chicken that is always perfectly broiled. Complimented with garden-fresh ingredients and homemade tzatziki sauce, we are proud to bring you a gyro that can only be found on the streets of Athens.


Feeling hungry? You've come to the right place.
Our platters contain the wonderful variety of ingredients found in our gyro, spread out in large, fulfilling portions.



Our mezes (Greek for appetizers), serve as a delightful snack to get you through your day. Try our Greek dip sampler, dolmades (grape leaves), or our olive-and-feta dish for a light taste of Greece.


Among the desserts, our baklava is a fan-favorite. Each batch is homemade with 33 layers of phyllo pastry dough, filled with chopped nuts and soaked in sweet honey.

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